Reconciliation with the Living

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  • Zancan
  • Entangled Others
  • Geoffrey Pugen
  • Phaust
  • Paweł Grzelak

Verse is proud to present Reconciliation with the Living an exhibition of new works by Geoffrey Pugen, Paweł Grzelak, Zancan , Entangled Others, and

Zancan, generative artist from Bordeaux, France, has been both a painter and a programmer for four decades. By synergizing his former practice as a traditional artist working with...
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Entangled Others
Entangled Others is the shared studio practice of artists Feileacan McCormick and Sofia Crespo. Their work focuses on ecology, nature, and generative arts, with an emphasis on...
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Geoffrey Pugen
Geoffrey Pugen is an artist experimenting at the intersection of technology and nature through video, photo and installation. Thematically, Pugen contemplates speculative futures...
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Phaust is a generative art collective based in London and Brighton. With backgrounds in computer science and neuroscience, their work explores the eternal intersection between art...
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Paweł Grzelak
Paweł Grzelak is a 3D artist specializing in procedural, generative, and code-based art. With a passion for creating mesmerizing animations that blur the lines between reality and...
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