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In 2020, Lars Wander began pen-plotting as a hobbyxa0during shelter-in-place. Unbeknownst to him, thisxa0programmerxa0began to walk in the footsteps of the Algorists, the artists who paved the way in creating art using algorithmic procedures beginning in the 1960s. Cromwell gallery space.


Lars Wander

Lars Wander is a computer artist, born in Germany, and living in NYC. His visual artwork follows his interests in perception, generative patterns, and computational systems. He’s been writing programs to explore complexity for well over a decade, and began publishing his generative artwork in 2020.nnDuring the day, Lars works at Google writing visualization software to understand the dynamics of...
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ARTXCODE is a generative art house dedicated to supporting the contemporary algorithmic art movement. Founded in 2018, ARTXCODE specializes in primary and secondary sales for a global roster of multidisciplinary artists working with algorithms.
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