Jason Gringler

Verse is pleased to host a solo presentation of the artist Jason Gringler. Curated by Pari Ehsan, it follows Ehsan’s previous exhibition Just Breathe to give a deeper overview of Gringler’s practice. This display includes three works that all explore notions of destruction as a means of creation.


Jason Gringler

Jason Gringler was born in Toronto, Canada and currently lives and works in Berlin. His work has been included in recent exhibitions at König Galerie (Berlin), Tick Tack (Antwerp), Ashes/Ashes (New York), Marie-Laure Fleisch (Brussels), Anonymous Gallery (New York), Steve Turner (Los Angeles) and Galerie Stefan Röpke (Cologne). His work concerns itself with the utilitarian nature of securing and...
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Pari Ehsan

Pari Ehsan is the creative director behind Pari Dust, a digital platform for art and fashion. Pari Dust explores new ways to combine the elements of our visual world, offering windows into contemporary art, fashion, and the built environment through a unique lens. In an ever-evolving space, Pari seizes opportunities to engage in conversation with influential minds; and to collaborate with artists...
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