Adi AvidaniChain Connection

Chain Connection is a solo exhibition of six works by artist Adi Avidani, curated by the duo Unpatterned, formed by curators Irene Thiella and Tamara Admoni. The exhibition explores human connections at the core - our daily interactions with others, our desires, limitations, fantasies, our intrinsic reciprocity - through shapes, movements, and assemblages.


Adi Avidani

Adi Avidani is an artist based in London, who uniquely combines the craft of ceramics and the digital world of NFTs. nnIn both of her very different practices, she explores human connections and our mutual relationships with the others in the world. The motives of chains and knots represent the essence of human relations with the self, one another, and our environments, and are the main theme in...
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Unpatterned is a curatorial duo formed by London-based curators Irene Thiella and Tamara Admoni. After first meeting during their MFA studies in the Curating programme at Goldsmiths University, they started collaborating on diverse curatorial projects, including exhibitions, artistic events and workshops. The duo aspires to form new relationships, facilitate access to art and connect people and...
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